Today’s students do not show any interest in the geography and they prefer spending time on learning new technologies. Getting yourself acknowledge with the latest technology is really important but it doesn’t mean that you stop learning the things that are more important than these technologies. Unfortunately, the students do not find this subject really attractive, therefore, they avoid talking about it.

However, the higher administrations should try to find some interesting ideas to make this subject really interesting for the students. Some geography experts have successfully designed some books for promoting this subject but unfortunately, there are only a few people that know the name of these books. Click Here and see why the knowledge of geography is important.

For example, David Jones is a very popular writer that has written many interesting books about Tanzania but there are only a few people that know this legend. Whether you belong to the geography profession or not, you must read these books at least once in your life.

We guarantee you that you’d start showing interest in this subject even if you read one of the books that we have mentioned below. These are the books that have explained the geography of our planet in a very interesting way. Thus, you’d find very helpful knowledge that may help you at different stages. Here are the best geography books you may not have heard of.

Prisoners of Geography

This book is the masterpiece of Tim Marshall where he has described the importance of geography in a very interesting way. He has stated the stories of 10 different geography experts that went to explore different hidden treasures by following the maps. Most of the stories are imaginary but the purpose of writing this book was to draw the attention of readers towards geography.

By reading this book, you’d learn many interesting things about geography that you did not know before. Tim Marshall has tried his best to build the interest of the readers so that they do not get bored at any step of the way.

The Revenge of Geography

The book was written by Robert D. Kaplan in 2012. The book describes that how the love of geography is going away from us. The writer has described it in a way that currently people are showing less interest in the geography. If it kept going the same, the geography will take its revenge in a strict way. If you want to learn the importance of geography, you should give it a try because it explains everything very deeply.

Indian and World Geography

The famous author Majid Husain wrote this book in 2011. It describes many hidden facts about the Indian geography and the facts about the rest of world’s geography are also mentioned in this book. You must give it a try so that you may understand the geography of different regions. Here is some more information about the importance of geography.

The Best Geography Books You May Not Have Heard Of
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