In addition to writing my own work, I enjoy working with other aspiring authors to help them hone their projects and get them ready for submission or self-publication.

I have a couple of “off the shelf” services, so you can try me out and see if we’re a fit. One is where you send me the first 20 pages of your manuscript or story, I read it and give an overall critique of it. This is $25.

If you want me to read your entire manuscript through and give a topline overview with observations and structural/broad strokes comments, that’s $500. (Exceptionally long manuscripts—more than 300 double-spaced pages with 12 point Times New Roman and 1-inch margins—will be charged a higher price. Please email me to inquire.)

If you decide you want to work with me on a deeper basis, my charge for line-editing is $10 a page (with the specifications above). Again, please send an email inquiry if you’re interested.

The First 20 pages and Manuscript read-through should be paid in advance. Once I have your payment, please send your work to me as a Word attachment.

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